1850's - Village of Pendleton

By 1825, a cluster of houses had sprung up in the village of Pendleton. It had sprung up in the Village of Pendleton. It had received its name in honor of Sylvester Pendleton Clark, one of the first settlers in 1821. He built a log cabin in the wilderness where the future village of Pendleton would grow, as the lumber trade would bring prosperity to the region. Along the Tonawanda Creek he built a tavern and a frame house where he engaged in the portage business, which he developed between Lockport and Pendleton.
When Neumann visited Pendleton while stationed at his residence in Williamsville in 1836, he said Mass in the homes of Adam Koepfmger and Michael Meyer. These were two of the original German Catholics who settled the land in the vicinity of the village.

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church

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