Financial Report of Good Shepherd, Pendleton and Good Shepherd - St. Augustine Campus, Clarence Center

Fiscal Year September 1, 2022, thru August 31, 2023

Good Shepherd Parish is blessed with parishioners who give of their time, talent and treasure. Our Parish Financial Report is presented to you with gratitude and appreciation for your support this past year.

Total receipts increased $83,584.82 this year over last year to a total of $464,907.31. Our offertory receipts increased minimally this fiscal year from $306,822.98 to $308,329.56. We are most grateful for your generosity and are looking forward to your continued financial support in the coming year.

We are holding our own but due to the major expense of a new parking lot and striping of the lot at the Pendleton site, we currently have a deficit in our Operating Account. We are very grateful to an anonymous donor who donated $80,000 toward the total cost of $184,973 for the project. This extraordinary expense of the parking lot is the reason for our current deficit of $119,159.20. Other improvements undertaken in the past fiscal year include:

  • Replace and upgrade the hose bibs for the Cemetery and for general use,
  • Concrete handicap ramp and railing on the school building,
  • Miscellaneous electric work,
  • Pumping out of septic tanks at our Campus site,
  • Began replacing window blinds in the classroom windows,
  • Purchase of two computers and one laptop for the parish offices

We had several successful fundraisers this past fiscal year including:

  • 2022 Christmas Ham Dinner & Raffle - $11,593.88 (included in "Other Auxiliary Income" on the Parish Financial Report),
  • 2023 Spring Raffle - $11,189.42,
  • 2023 Summer Raffle (held instead of our Annual Lawn Fete and Chicken BBQ due to the re-assignment of Father Dan Young) - $5,935.01. We anticipate the return of our famous Chowder Sale and Chicken BBQ in 2024!

Looking forward to the new fiscal year 2023-24, we need to increase our revenue. The deficit created by the replacement of the church parking lot as well as increased energy costs and inflation have presented a need for increased weekly contributions and support of our fundraisers. Below, please find several other ways you can help Good Shepherd/Good Shepherd - St. Augustine Campus. Please contact Margaret in the Parish Office at 716-625-8594 to discuss these options:

  • If you are 70-1/2 years of age or older, you may be interested in setting up a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly through your IRA to the parish as it has advantages to the parish and to you (CLICK HERE for advantages to you personally).
  • We are looking to replace the carpeting in the church at the Pendleton site; it has been over twenty years since it has been done and it is showing its wear and can no longer be cleaned. You can donate directly to the carpet replacement by making a "donor directed donation for replacement of the carpeting".
  • We have been informed by the Diocese that Good Shepherd Cemetery needs to increase funding in our Permanent Cemetery Maintenance Fund in addition to our Cemetery Operating Account that is used for day-to-day operations. Since the Cemetery will go on in perpetuity, it is imperative to have a dedicated fund for the operation of our Cemetery into the future.

Again, please contact Margaret in the Parish Office at 716-625-8594 for more information on any of these giving opportunities.

Your talents are needed from baking to raking leaves, to moving tables in the hall to serving at church services and parish events! If you have a special talent or are interested in helping at your parish in any way, please contact Anne in the Parish Office at 716-625-8594.

Let us continue to pray for healing in our Church. We need you to assist in bringing people back to the Church pews. Please invite your family members, neighbors and friends and let them know what a great parish community we have here at Good Shepherd!

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church 716-625-8594