Road to Renewal Family of Parishes Pillar Groups


Chair -Richard Pfentner, Good Shepherd

Lee Butler, St. Gregory the Great

Dave Fischer, Good Shepherd

Kyle Lucey, St. Gregory the Great

Ted Luckett, St. Gregory the Great

Marisa Piazza, St. Gregory the Great

Jude Schwendler, St. Pius X

David Wieglas, St. Pius X

Duties include: Human Resources (including compensation, benefits & policies), Safe Environment, Governing & Family leadership, Central Office, Processes & On-site Hours, Personnel, Budgeting & finances, Communications, Data & Reporting, and Security & Compliance

Forming Disciples

Chair - Lisa Batt, St. Gregory the Great

Dan Dreschel, St. Gregory the Great School

Richard Fox, St. Pius X

Tracy Garlapo, St. Pius X

Jennifer Geska, St. Gregory the Great

Janis Lombardi, Good Shepherd

Pam Rankin, St. Pius X

Michael Ruszala, St. Gregory the Great

Greg Todaro, Good Shepherd

Duties include: Faith Formation (K through Grade 12, Catholic Schools, Youth Ministry (Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12), Young Adult Faith Formation, Adult Faith Formation, Adult Leadership Training, Inclusive Catechesis, Family Formation


Chair - Catherine McMaster, St. Gregory the Great

Lynn Leising, Good Shepherd

Mark Lettieri, St. Pius X

Carolyn Weber, St. Pius X

Anne Whitehead, Good Shepherd

Duties include: Out Reach - Any ministry or activity aimed at bringing relief for those who are suffering; while maintaining inclusivity, evangelization efforts geared at people who are unchurched and seeking Christ, and Promotion of missionary discipleship to attract new Catholics. InReach - Ministry to those who are in physical or spiritual need, empower parishioners, develop a culture of welcome


Chair - Chris Carocci, Good Shepherd

Tom Ahearn, St. Gregory the Great

Nancy Erdman, St. Gregory the Great

Mary Ellen Goergen, St. Gregory the Great

Donna Karas, St. Pius X

Paul Karas, St. Pius X

Ann Metz, Good Shepherd

Steve Quebral, St. Gregory the Great

Duties include: Mass schedules for each parish within the Family, Sacrament schedule, Liturgy Committee


Chair-Renee Boltri, St. Gregory the Great

Kathy Budnick, Good Shepherd

Nora Fiegl, St. Pius X

Bobbi Huber, St. Gregory the Great

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, St. Gregory the Great

John Tanner, Good Shepherd

Barbara Voight, St. Pius X

Duties include Sacramental preparation, devotions, Retreats, Order of Christian Initiation, Life in the Eucharist


Chair-Eric Bannochie, Good Shepherd

Morgan Acuri, St. Gregory the Great

Maria Gambacorta, St. Pius X

Margaret Lucas, Good Shepherd

Shirley Mariathasan - St. Gregory the Great

Lawrence Ricigliano, St. Pius X

Brian Ruh, St. Gregory the Great

Duties include: Volunteers (Donate time, treasure and/or talent), Family & Parish hospitality, Fundraising - short-term project & budget-based needs, Development - cultivating long-term financial security and any activities that have to do with the above

Qualities of a Pillar Representative

The individuals serving on the Pillar Groups were found to have these characteristics:

  • The ability to help discover God's plan for this area
  • Great love for your Parish
  • Recognize and value the gift of the other Parishes in the Family
  • A good communicator with fellow parishioners, staff and Priests
  • Able to use reflective listening, allow ideas to be molded and shaped and respect of others and their ideas

The ultimate goal of these Pillar Groups is to Discover God's Plan in this area to rebuild the Church so that all decisions will be live giving to you.

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