1848 - The Little Log Cabin

Bishop Timon urged Fr. Kramer to construct a church, however the congregation did not yet have the financial means of doing so. Kramer remained active in the settlement until 17 September 1848. On November 19, 1848, Fr. Fritsch said his first Mass at Pendleton. Subsequently, the parish had Mass every third Sunday along with baptisms; still in the homes of the parishioners.

In 1849, Fr. Fritsch, at the urging of Bishop Timon, proposed to the parishioners that they construct a log building, to be called "The Little Church", on four acres of land purchased by the community and deeded to the Bishop. The property was within the boundaries of where the present-day Good Shepherd Church stands and was carved out from acreage owned by Francis Joseph Leuthauser and his wife, Catherine, members of the parish. At that time, there were eight Catholic families in the neighborhood. On December 30, 1849, Fr. Fritsch said the first Mass in the new church building. He remained pastor of the Pendleton Settlement until April 1851. He was also one of the first Latin teachers of the then fledgling Canisius College.

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church

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