1859 - The Good Shepherd Parish

A year after the Church on the Canal was finished, Fr. Uhrich was transferred to Sacred Heart Church in Tonawanda. He was replaced at Pendleton by Fr. Zachary Heimbucher, who stayed for only a short period. Then, Fr. Zachary Kunze replaced him, remaining for only six months. Then Fr. Heimbucher returned again in November 1858 and remained until 18 March 1860. The church family was dedicated by Bishop Timon on 28 August 1859. On that day the church was given its name, The Good Shepherd.

The U. S. Civil War (1861 - 1865) brought economic and social hardship to local communities throughout the nation. Conscription laws impacted local parishes as men were called away into military service. Bishop Hughes called upon priests to serve as chaplains and nuns to serve in nursing. These sudden changes demanded large scale adjustments within the Diocese of Buffalo. As a result, the assignment of priests to various parishes rapidly fluctuated. During the Civil War years, more than seven parish priests were consecutively assigned to administer to Good Shepherd Parish. Some were assigned for only a few months, while serving at other parishes. Fr. Uhrich left Good Shepherd Church in 1861 and did not return until 1880. During that 19-year period 12 different priests had administered to Good Shepherd Parish.

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church

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